Talk Less

It’s sort of hard to make a New Year’s resolution when you celebrate the occasion twice a year. One is on January 1st, where everybody tries to make the holidays drag on as long as possible. I also celebrate a “new year” on the first day of spring. According to the Persian calendar (which disregards the whole BC and AD thing) the new year starts on the first day of spring. This symbolizes the earth being “reborn”, with blooming flowers and clear blue skies, to start each year on a beautiful, fresh note. (I don’t know if this is bias, but this seems to make a lot more sense to me.) 

Nevertheless, I still continue to make cliche resolutions with my friends that we never uphold. They are all the typical stuff: get healthy, get good grades, stop watching four seasons of one show in a weekend. That sort of thing. During one of the dreaded New Years Eve parties I attended, (personally not much of a party attendee)  one of the guests told me her resolution was to talk less. I was not nearly close enough with this  person to detect any hints of sarcasm, but as she continued on the subject, my hopes for jokes clearly faded. She explained her fear of appearing as an annoyance. I attempted to assure her she was perfectly fine, however she warded off my attempts of sympathy. Later that evening, I told my sister about this bizarre resolution. She responded with a mere statement:

“She wouldn’t have said that if she was a boy.” 

Unfortunately, she was probably right. As young girls, we are taught to strive for success, but not too much success. Do not come off as pushy, bossy, or controlling. But why not? I’ve never heard those warnings be geared towards young boys. Instead, those attributes are desired. A week later I saw that girl in class, and explained she shouldn’t feel like she needs to change in order to please others. I doubt my lesson went through to her since she barely gave me a second of thought. I haven’t seen much of that girl anymore, and unfortunately haven’t heard anything as well.

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