1. Racism? I think?

    I had a rather interesting encounter with racism. Interesting, confusing, and just wrong. I went to Zara’s with my sister for their annual, huge sale. Since we were in Montreal, everything was written in French, so the first task was to understand which items were actually on sale. As I…

  2. Interlude

    I don’t know why it makes me so happy to see straight boys with plucked eyebrows. In my town, it is such a rare treat. I guess it’s the possibility that they care about something. That’s pretty new and exciting. Even though what they care about is still themselves. Nevermind.

  3. Five People Walk Into an Airport

    While I’ve only ever traveled by myself a few times, every time I do, my mother imagines a different fiasco causing my demise. My mother, out of love, does not filter her sheer panic of possible disasters. What if I give my passport to a stranger? What if I accidentally…

  4. Beneath the Pages

    Her eyes refocus: dazed, tired, and still. Outside her window, echoes of the day linger in the final moments of sunset. The dimly lit room must thank the kitchen for generously creeping light through the house. Slowly, she starts to hear the air conditioning again On her lap lies an…

  5. Congratulations, Mehrnaz!

    There is currently a giant billboard with my face on it in a major road in my community. Across the top, it reads: “Congratulations, Mehrnaz!” followed by some information and, thankfully, my face. A Pittsburgh-based law firm, Edgar Snyder and Associates, runs a scholarship contest for high school seniors every…

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