Regina, When is That Song Going to Start?

I really love Regina Spektor. I mean, really really love Regina Spektor. It’s rather overwhelming. My first experience with her words was in ballet class in the fifth grade. During warmups, our peppy yet mysteriously quiet instructor played Fidelity on her IPod during warmups. In words, I can not describe how much I liked that song. I’m not even sure why I liked it so much. Nevertheless, that is the only song, and yes, I mean the ONLY song, I would listen to for the following 4 months. I even spent 99 cents in the ITunes store for it. That is commitment. I never imagined I would grow tired of her voice, but the rest of my family sure did. Finally, one fatal winter night, my father stormed into my bedroom and took my IPod. Headphones were my new ally. 

Eventually, I realized something. Mrs. Spektor must have some other music as well. This led to hours of Youtube videos to hear every song of hers since 2004. Not only is her voice truly one of a kind, her lyrics also mean something. Usually, I do not know what “it” is, but sometimes I have the fortune of understanding. 

“today we’re younger than were ever gonna be.” 

“people are just people! they shouldn’t make you nervous!”

“you can write, but you can’t edit.” 

“everyone must breathe until their dying breath.”

No matter the mood, place, or time of day, I am mostly likely listening to Regina. Her songs can be the most depressing tunes or the most bubbly rhythms. Also, Spotify informed me she was my most listened to artist in 2015. and 2014. I aspire to see the world just as she does: not too seriously. 

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