other things I got going on: 

Script to Screen Series 

My poem "Before" was created into a beautiful visual piece, performed by Mahvish Bokhari and video by Meade Morrison. This project was created with Permafrost Theatre as a part of their Script to Screen series. Check out the full video here

All Pittsburghers are Poets 

My free verse poem, "pittsburgh sun", was recently published in Sampsonia Way in collaboration with City of Asylum for their series, All Pittsburghers are Poets. Link here to check out my poem! 

All My Friends Zine

My free-verse poem, "Please Stay" was recently published in All My Friends Zine. Here is a link to the full poem. 

 Please Stay is a short, free-verse poem about my fear of being in love, and the inexplicable urge to run away from something when it feels too good.  

Crybaby Zine 

My personal essay, "Monsters Are Still Under This Bed", has been published on Crybaby.  Here's a link to check it out. 

I explore how my abrupt move back home has affected my body image issues that I've spent years trying to ignore. The "toxic productivity" mentality of quarantine is also at play, with social media constantly yelling at me that I have no excuses to finally become the best version of myself during this time.

artwork by Hannah Parsons (@hannahthing

fake ID poetry chapbook

fake ID is available through this link!

This short collection of poems are pieces I have been working on for quite some time. They can access them for free, but 100% of any proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization NICE, or New Immigrant Community Empowerment. 

NICE specifically helps vulnerable immigrant communities in New York City, and during this pandemic, they provide relief to the communities that are excluded from federal relief programs because of their immigration status. More info on them here !

Digital Art & Comics 

Sometimes I find the time to do visual art as well. Some of my work can be found here. 

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