A lot is changing right now. The year is coming to an end and I’m done with college. Maybe just two things…but two pretty big things I guess. I have no interest in dwelling on the dumpster fire events of this year because I think it’s going to take me some time (probably years) to genuinely process the collective trauma we’ve just experienced. Besides, I like to look ahead. I think people who hate new year’s resolutions are just running away from something and I hope they figure out what that is. You don’t want to improve yourself? …Okay. Can’t relate! However, we need to reflect before we just move on, so that’s what I’m doing. Here’s what I did this year that I can remember. I forgot a lot because, well. It’s been rough. 

I connected to my body. I have never been a health or fitness person, and this year I wanted to change that. I slowly tried to incorporate more exercise in my life the past few years, but over quarantine I got really into it. Yoga, pilates, HIIT, etc. Anything I could find on Youtube. I was working out every single day because I had the time and it made me feel good. That’s the key. It made me feel good. My body just felt better and my head felt more clear. When I went back to New York it was harder to find the time or space in our little apartment, but this year I really learned that taking care of myself is a top priority and something I can’t ignore. This year I was in the best shape of my life. Yes, I’m using the past tense because I fell off the wagon a bit, but I’m trying to get back into it. 

I connected with who I am. Who am I? A hot girl. For a long time, I feel like I’ve let people walk on me and this year I feel like I’ve spoken up for myself and lived more authentically. I’m still discovering new things about myself every day, and that’s very special. I’m investing time into myself, setting boundaries with everyone in my life, and just trying my best. What have I learned? Well, I’m That Bitch, been that bitch, still that bitch….will forever BE that bitch. 

I started frizzy threads. Frizzy is an upcycled clothing brand where I hand sew felt appliques on thrifted clothing. I donate a portion of every sale to a non-profit/organization supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s sort of difficult for me to even write about this right now because I stopped production for the last two months because I was finishing school and looking (still looking) for a job, but it really is something I am passionate about and excited to start up again. It gives me a sense of purpose and it’s just a hobby I’m happy I can share with others. 

I got PAID for my writing! Okay, no big bucks, but I received a few checks from my WRITING. That’s crazy to me. I am fully aware that being a playwright is not going to make me rich in any sense, but I am so stupid lucky to be able to follow my passion. I’ve had two zoom readings by theater companies of my work and during a pandemic?? I think that’s something to be proud about. I have so much I’m looking forward to in my writing, but this year I have definitely produced the most work I can stand behind. My writing has improved, which is all I can really ask for at this point of my career. I have a feeling 2021 is going to be a great year for my work…I’m putting that into the universe. 

I graduated college! Weird. It still hasn’t hit me. I was going through old videos from my time at school and it really just went by so fast. People aren’t kidding about that. I met great people and lifelong friends. That’s what matters. Frankly, NYU has done nothing for me and I will never give them any credit for my future success, but I appreciate all the people I met along the way and the professors I had the pleasure of working with. I know the school will try to slap my name on everything when I find my success, but let me just put it out there right now for them to see in the future: Keep my name out of your mouth. 

There’s a lot more I could say, but right now I’m listening to Enya and just straight up vibing. Cheers to a new year. Cheers to making it through this. Cheers to the future. As the Greeks would say, opa! Really in the mood to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding…can you tell? 

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