Lush Mush

Think of it this way: Everyone is screaming according to an earthworm. As humans, we simply love to talk. If we are not talking, we are either listening or reading someone else talk. One of the first things we are taught is to talk, and one of the last things we do is talk. We talk in our own heads, and even talk in our dreams. 

So my only question is, if we have become masters of talking, how come we still can not listen? Whether it be over petty quarrels or state run debates, no one bothers to listen. During an argument, we almost always make the mistake of thinking of our next point instead of listening to what the opposition is actually saying. While I was at my local Lush store (since I do like what the company stands for) as soon as I walked in, like always, I was approached by an energetic employee. While I do enjoy when a salesperson is optimistic, these people are scary happy all of the time. Who knows what they put in those shampoos? Anyway, I told her I simply wanted a face mask so my friends and I could live the high life for an evening. I knew which of the blends I wanted, since I have tried many and found the one that works/smells/feels the best. (I will not tell you my secret, however I will say it is NOT The Sacred Truth. Not a fan of that one.) I kindly asked if she could get a cup of my desired face mask for me, and instead she motioned me towards the lotions. As it would be nice to have one of these fancy lotions, I could not afford a 30 dollar lotion on my low income of zero dollars. I just wanted my face mask, and repeated my request to the kind women. Before I knew it, she was bathing my hand in some body soap she knew would be “perfect” for my skin. At this point, I knew she was purposely ignoring my request to persuade me to buy more products. She was not listening. Sure, her cooperate boss probably trained her to act like this, however I do not think it is the way to go. I promptly left the store sans face mask. Instead, I made my own from things in our kitchen that Pinterest suggested. 

Instead of listening to my simple request, she talked to the point of driving me out of the store. I understand her intention was for me to buy more, but I ended up not buying a single thing. I do not know what “business school” tactic they are trying out, but it certainly is not working. As this is just a minor example in the ways humanity needs to simply open their ears, for an avid skin care enthusiast such as myself, it meant a lot. 

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