Super Gramps

I believe it will be quite an experience to be old. To look at the world with squinted eyes, fixating on details, since I’ve already had a taste of the big picture. The priorities would shift. Not much need to think of the future any more, since it has been lived. Already graduated, got the job, married, had kids. What’s left? Taking my time, not because I want to, but because I have to. Plus, wrinkles. The irony. Punishment for smiling too much. Weddings and funerals come by, all mimicking each other. I’ll still sincerely accept every invitation, attend every party, and wrap every present. Understanding these small things define respect and appreciation, though no one admits it. 

I refuse to believe age is a barrier. That is nothing but an excuse. My grandfather told me while he is growing old, a child is growing up. Both gain experience, but by different means. The child plays, the elder watches. This widens the scope of capability. Sure, my grandfather takes fifteen minutes to brush his teeth and eight to find Google, but his wise disposition still raises him to excellence. 

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