hello, i'm mehrnaz ! 

(it's two syllables. c'mon, sound it out.) 

i've recently graduated from new york university's tisch school of the arts. i received my bachelor of fine arts in dramatic writing with a concentration in playwriting. I also minored in middle eastern and islamic studies. 

i'm currently *gag* finding myself as an artist and following my creativity wherever it may lead me. i'm stepping away from chasing validation from established institutions and exploring my practice on my own terms. 

i should probably make my experiences, resume, publications, and productions public information, right? like, that's why people have personal websites. so you can seethe from behind your screen seeing all the cool shit i've done. i have it all here, like, it's been uploaded to this website builder and everything. i just have to hit 'publish'. but i'd much rather talk to you if I'm being honest. hear what you've been up to as well.  

what i'll tell you is my guiding star. my younger self. for her to feel less alone, for her to feel like she’s not crazy for dreaming big. for her to have hope that things will get better. for her to  believe in herself and something greater than herself. for her to feel like she belongs. for her, that nerdy iranian girl with hairy arms and a mustache,  to be heard. 

please reach out to me. i sincerely would love to chat.

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