Mehrnaz: Grace of the Sun?

Mehrnaz is obviously not the most common name in America. Actually, according to an online database, there are exactly “one or less” Mehrnaz Tiv’s in America. I grew up with the knowledge that my name meant sweet as the sun. Though this blatantly never represented who I was, I went along with it. It sounded symbolic enough for people to say it was “so pretty” and “so exotic”. However, a few Christmas’ ago, a received a beautiful present from my mother. I opened a framed message with dried flowers around the edges that read: ”Mehrnaz: Grace of Light. Persian.” Now, I am not one to complain about presents. Besides, the fact that someone took the time to even think about giving me something is enough. However, the more I thought about it, the more confused I became. Grace of Light? I do not like this definition. Sure, in essence it means the same thing as sweet as the sun, but now I sound like a temporary character from Game of Thrones. Then, I had to consider whether my mother provided this definition or the maker of this framed lie caused the damage. I can handle being sweet as the sun, but I sure as hell am no grace of light. Out of gratitude, it still hangs in the middle of my bedroom, reminding me of my basic, quite unimaginative first name. 

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