I Slipped

I have started listening to Slipknot. I know, perhaps I should keep some things to myself. 

As a creative person, my mind never really turns off. There is a constant jumble of noise yearning to be heard. New ideas, recent reads, and potential plans are constantly barking at me. (as I am editing this I’m afraid there might be some concern that there are actual voices in my head in which case I promise there are not. Calm down, mom.) Needless to say, I have always assumed the remedy to my cluttered brain was soothing, relaxing music. But then, a few days ago, primarily as a joke, I listened to Slipknot’s Greatest Hits. Then I listened to them again. With pink toe nails and threaded eyebrows, I assume I am not Slipknot’s target audience. But in these moments of pure noise, I began to think more clearly than ever. For the first time, the real world was louder than my head! That same day, I broadened my horizons to Slayer, Metallica, and Korn. Very out of character. I can’t quite articulate how this music makes me feel; I guess the closest I can get is euphoric adrenaline. It’s also quite funny to see driver’s reactions when I, a 5’1” teenage girl, am pumping The Devil In I through my speakers.  Don’t get me wrong, I still Love Regina Spektor and Dodie Clark, but it is rather refreshing to hear grown men scream at me for four straight minutes. How charming. 

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